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Water Damage Restoration Services Near You

Are you struggling with water damage in your home or business? Water damage happens when you are mostly unaware, and you have to limit the havoc that the water causes. Ignoring the situation will lead to structural damage and mold infestation.

Most people assume that there have to be heavy storms, hurricanes, and floods for water damage to happen. There is more to that. Plumbing issues or leaking roofs and appliances also cause water damage in your home or office.

There is no big or small water damage since water exposes you to hazardous living conditions. Whether you are a residential or commercial building owner, property manager, or insurance agent in need of water damage restoration services, you deserve the best professionals. At Hippo Carpet Cleaning Cooper City, we have the skills and expertise needed to clean out water from your building and restore your space to keep mold and other issues at bay.

Water Damage Restoration in Cooper City You Can Trust

There's a lot that goes on during water damage restoration. Our goal is to manage the situation and have you satisfied with our procedures. It saves you from extensive losses and health risks. Here's what you can expect:

  • Step 1: Damage assessment to assess the situation and develop the best water damage restoration service approach.
  • Step 2: Standing water extraction using the right tools to ensure that your home is water and moisture-free.
  • Step 3: Securing your belongings, demolition and removal of wet structures.
  • Step 4: Extensive space drying with thermal control to help dry your area and structure; moisture meters and infrared imaging comes in handy.
  • Step 5: Dehumidification and air sanitization to ensure no moisture is present and eliminate any musty smells.
  • Step 6: We will do the last inspection with clients after completing the project to ensure that the flood cleanup and restoration process is successful.
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How We Restore Water Damaged Properties

Often homeowners attempt to fix water damage issues themselves. But without the proper techniques, it's easy to make the situation worse and more complex. Rather than gambling with your property, call us at 954-727-8499 for specialized and emergency water restoration services. Here's a look at how we can help:

Assessing Water Damage

It does not matter the time of day; we understand the dangers of water damage. When you reach out to us, we will take the shortest time to arrive at your premises to assess the situation and leverage the most advanced tools. The assessment step is vital because it enables us to fully understand the scope of the problem and the best way to go about restoration.

Removal and Extraction of Water

Water removal is the next step in water damage restoration. Our restoration specialists have various water removal tools and machines like flood extractors, vacuum cleaners, and pumps to ease the process. Our reliable water damage recovery services also involve the use of dehumidifiers and commercial fans to facilitate the circulation of air.

Water Damage Cleanup and Demolition

After water removal and the space has dried up, we will commence the flood cleanup to remove any damaged items. Demolition and cleanup help remove anything that might cause more damage and injuries or interfere with the process.

Indoor Mold Growth Control

Water creates a conducive environment for mold growth, and water damage restoration is the first step in controlling mold growth. Our water damage professionals know the best way to handle mold, from black mold testing services to mold remediation. We will adhere to the set regulation of mold testing and growth control.


Even after the water drying process and cleaning, you might experience some not-so-fresh smell in your home or office. Our deodorization process that embraces environmentally friendly products helps eliminate any objectionable odors.

Call Our Experts Whenever You Have Water Damage Issues

If you need urgent water damage recovery or plan on getting rugs cleaned in Cooper City, we are here for you. Call Hippo Carpet Cleaning Cooper City now via 954-727-8499 for a consultation and price estimate; you'll be happy to have reliable and efficient water removal services and other water damage restoration measures. Let's help you restore your space now!

Water Damage Restoration
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